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Prof. Adi Salomon

Senior faculty member at the Chemistry & Nanotechnology Dept., BIU. 2018 "Krill" prize recipient,  nominated by "Globes" as one of the top 50 extraordinary individuals in Israel, expert in chemo-optics.

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Prof. David Zitoun

Prof. Zitoun is a senior faculty member of BIU`s Chemistry & Nanotechnology Dept. His expertise is in materials science, and environmental green chemistry.

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Dror Meiri, M.Sc.

Serial entrepreneur and a veteran business strategist. Dror has an executive MBA from Northwestern University, and a M.Sc. in EE from the Technion.

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Uri Adler, M.Sc.

An international expert in agronomy with more than 40 years of experience. Uri specializes in both conventional and organic farming, open field & green house farming - with unique expertise in complex weather and soil conditions. Uri holds a M.Sc. (agronomy) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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Adv. John M. Fentis

With over 30 years of expertise in environmental law, compliance and regulation, John is a veteran in the field. Currently, he serves as an environmental director, at the California District Attorneys Association (CDAA).

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Mr. Ariel Sella

The managing director of BIU`s entrepreneurship program. Ariel is a serial entrepreneur, a veteran mentor in the startups eco-system. In his past was a VC partner in numerous ventures, in Israel and the U.S., Ariel holds a B.A from UC Berkeley.

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Dr. Elad Segal

CEO & Co-Founder

Holding a Ph.D. in materials science, Bar-Ilan University (BIU, Israel), with expertise in sensors for environmental hazards, chemo-optics, and surface chemistry.

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Dr. Pavel Kunin

CTO & Co-Founder

Holding a Ph.D. from Tel-Aviv University (TAU) in geophysics and planetary sciences, Pavel brings his vast expertise in environmental modeling, numerical weather prediction, and in-situ remote-sensing observations.

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Dr. Ran Shauli

COO & Co-Founder

Expert in environmental policy. Former scientific advisor to the director of the Israeli Plant Protection Services. Senior Lecturer at the Asian Studies Department, BIU, Israel.

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Tel. +972-50-6440058 /+972-50-9245605

Max & Anna Webb Street, 
Bar-Ilan University complex, Ramat-Gan, Israel 5290002.



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